Why Choose Bespoke?

Bespoke stationery brings custom to a new level. When you work with Dragonfly Paperie, whether you are looking for 20 thank-you cards or 150 wedding invitation suites, you will receive a finished product that no one else in the world will have. I will never repeat a design twice, and while I welcome your inspiration photos and ideas, I will not recreate another artist's work. Everything from the artwork to the final design, and the concept behind it all, is made just for you! When it comes time to print, each piece is lovingly hand crafted, which means that everything that comes out of the Dragonfly Paperie studio is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The Process

01   |   Consultation

Let’s chat! I can’t wait to learn your story — we’ll go through all the little details so that I can get you the most accurate proposal. From there, we’ll get a contract together, secure your 50% deposit, and get started!

02   |   Design

You’ll be an active part of the design process, from concept sketches, to artwork creation, to printing method, all the way through to the seal on the envelope. We can customize the details every step of the way!

03   |   Delivery

Once you’re completely happy with your design, you’ll receive a final proof for approval. From there, I assemble every piece by hand, carefully crafting your stationery and mailing the finished product to you or your specified recipient(s).


Q: How much do you charge for [x]?

A: Just as every piece of work that comes out of the DP studio is completely custom, so is every client proposal. In our initial consultation, we’ll talk about all of your must-haves, inspiration, and budget. From there, we will work together to build a contract that is right for you. I do not have fixed-rate pricing, and I do not give quotes before having a consultation.

Q: How soon should I book?

A: For personal stationery and small events, I recommend reaching out 6-8 weeks before you need your final product in-hand. For wedding invitations, I recommend 6 months to a year prior to your event. I am fully booked for 2021 weddings.

Q: Can I add things on or change my mind?

A: Absolutely! All items within the contract are subject to change within your budget — what we call your total contract credit — and you can add additional items or embellishments on during the design process. Inquire to learn more about the credit system and how it works!

"Amy is truly dedicated to creating a product and design you love"

Q: I found something I love on Pinterest, can you base your design off of it?

A: While I welcome your inspiration and ideas, I will not recreate or copy an existing design — even if it's my own! I do not sell templates, each design I make is unique to the consumer.

Q: What if I have no idea (or too many ideas!) of what I want?

A: Perfect! That's what I'm here for. My favorite part of the process is learning more about my client and turning those personal and unique details into art. I will come up with a few different concepts to help get you inspired, and from there we work together to decide on a design direction.

Q: Do you offer calligraphy?

A: AlliCat Calligraphy is the calligraphy partner for Dragonfly Paperie! If calligraphy is something you know you want to include in your package, please mention it in your inquiry form or during our consultation so that we can crosscheck availability. If you are only interested in calligraphy and not a stationery or invitation suite, please reach out to Alli directly!

"She made absolutely stunning handmade wedding invitations, taking my vision and executing it better than I could have ever imagined"

Q: Do you charge extra to make artwork for my stationery suite?

A: Every contract with Dragonfly Paperie includes custom artwork! We will go through a lot of details before any art creation happens, and then whether you want a simple line-drawn flower or a watercolor venue illustration, it is all bundled into your contract already.

Q: Do you have a minimum quantity?

A: No! I love working on small projects and keepsake pieces. For wedding invitation suites there is a minimum investment of $400, but I do not have minimum quantity for any project.

Q: Can I just buy wax seals / supplies?

A: No, Dragonfly Paperie is not a shop. Wax seals and other finishing touches can be a part of your custom stationery package, but they are not sold by themselves.

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