The dragonfly symbolizes wisdom, change, transformation, and adaptability in life. Let it serve as a reminder to do and surround yourself with things that bring your life light and joy.

Dragonfly Paperie was born after a background in fine art, a graphic design degree, and five years of wedding industry experience culminated into one true passion.

Hi there

I’m Amy, the devoted creative behind Dragonfly Paperie. My love for love stories led me to the wedding industry in 2015 – that, combined with my passion for art and design, has led me here. When I’m not creating, you can find me binge-watching true crime documentaries, cuddling with my three pugs, or cooking with my husband. Ever since I could hold a pencil, art has been a special part of my life. Now, I am honored that my work can be a treasured keepsake for others.

Our calligraphy partner

“From the initial concepts to the finished product, I was blown away by her knowledge and skill”

— Jenn & Jack

more client love

behind every success story

there is a support system that helped it get there

and behind this success story

there are also pugs

Oliver James (left), June Pug (center), and Darcy Anne (right) are the official Dragonfly Paperie mascots. You can often hear them snoring in the background of our consultations or see them forcing their way onto my lap while I'm trying to make wax seal videos for TikTok. It's their world — my husband, Sean, and I are just living in it.

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The Dragonfly Creative

For nearly five years, I helped over forty couples live out their wedding dreams as a full-service planner, day-of coordinator, and invitation designer. Now, I’m excited for this new, yet familiar, venture.

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